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New Addiction and Layout

As you can see, I have a new layout on the site tonight! This layout is inspired by my latest and greatest addiction, Daredevil (and I totally blame you, Dawn!!). I just watched the entire series with my husband and both of us are officially hooked. I love the story arcs we had going on in Season 1, and I fell in love with Charlie Cox’s smooth-as-velvet voice. 😛

I don’t have a whole lot of time for fanart lately. Tonight there are two new pieces, the first of which is the piece this layout is based on, and was actually uploaded a couple of weeks ago. The second is another Daredevil piece featuring Matt and Claire (whom I totally ship). I’m also working on a Foggy/Karen piece as well, but I don’t know when that one will be finished…

My life is kinda complicated right now… Those who know me know the situation with my kids, and even though I love art and wish I had the time to create all the time, my kids and family come first. So my family life is taking precedence right now and it’s got me thinking seriously about going on a hiatus from the site, maybe permanently. I won’t completely close the site down, because I also host two amazing sites here as part of the All Night Noise family, but I am definitely thinking about just kinda letting the site go for a while. I have things that are more important that need my attention these days, and I hope my friends in the fanart community can understand.

I miss art. I miss being able to sit down and have ideas just flow out of my head onto the screen. I miss getting moved so deeply by a scene that I can’t wait to create a piece for it. But until I have the time for it, 1-2 wallpapers are about all you guys will probably get on each update, whenever those may come.

Oh, and another cool thing: I have a new affiliate!!
Everyone please go check out Salya’s site, Elyasia!! :)

I don’t know when I’ll have time to write/update again, so until then, you can either leave me a message on the tagboard, or add me on Facebook. Later taters!

New Layout and Art Added!

Tonight, there is a new Stefan and Caroline layout on the site, based off one of my favorite recent wallpapers! I actually changed it a few days ago, but wanted to wait til I had a couple new art pieces up to announce the change. 😉

There is a new Bonnie-and-Damon-centric piece in “The Vampire Diaries” artwork, as well as a new Originals piece featuring Dahlia, Klaus, and Mikael. Enjoy the new pieces; I don’t know when I’ll feel like creating art again. It feels like my muse has left the building most days lately. :\

New Fear The Walking Dead Piece

Tonight, inspiration struck and I created a new “Fear the Walking Dead” piece featuring Frank Dillane and some pretty awesome walkers/rotters/biters/infected. I cannot wait for tomorrow night!!! If it’s even half as good as TWD, we are all in for a treat, y’all!

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