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New Artwork

Tonight, there are three new pieces up on the site!

There is a new Bangel piece up in Whedonverse Art, made with one of the bases I posted for my latest challenge on Buffy Forums. There is also a new Olicity piece from “Arrow”, done by request, and a new Emmy Rossum piece in Miscellaneous Art.

Hope you guys like the new stuff!! :)

Also, a question for y’all… Is this layout too narrow? I like it, ’cause it’s a little different, but I feel like it may be just a little too skinny. What do y’all think?


New OITNB Art & Stuff

Today, there are two new “Orange Is The New Black” pieces up on the site, as well as a new Buffy piece up in Whedonverse Art. I am really into black and white art lately, with a splash of color, which I think is obvious in my latest work. What do you think?

So ready for the new season of OITNB to premiere!! All my other shows are on hiatus, and I NEED my Pipex fix. 😀 Not to mention, I’m still waiting for Poussey and Tastee to get together. 😀 Can’t wait to see Tastee’s reaction when she finds out Vee is dead!

I also changed the menu around a little bit, to make the art dropdown the second thing you see on the menu. Since this site is all about the art, I wanted it to be more important than other stuff, you know? :)

Heeere’s Norman!

I am loving- absolutely LOVING- “Bates Motel” these days! I’m keeping up with the new season, as well as rewatching with my husband as we try to get caught up so by the time Season 4 comes on, he will be all caught up with me. It’s been amazing to rewatch and see the evolution of these characters and their relationships. I always have been completely impressed with Freddie Highmore’s acting abilities, but watching him play Norman Bates is just bone-chilling; he is THAT good. So, to pay homage to Freddie’s Norman, we have a new pyschotic Norman Bates layout. :)

There is a matching wallpaper up in Miscellaneous Art tonight, if you’re interested, as well! :) It’s a rare (for me) left-aligned wallpaper, but it could easily be flipped if you want to use it right-aligned.

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