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New Originals Piece, New Textures

There are three new textures in the Resources Section today! There is also a new Klaus piece in The Originals art. :) I won’t have time to update again until after I get moved, but I had to take a little break from the madness and chaos for a minute to make these. Enjoy!!

New Art Added

Today, there are some new pieces up on the site! But first…

I finally got the rest of my artwork added to the galleries. I also updated the Credits page, and put the Gradients and Brushes back up. I believe, now, all I need to do is get the Affiliates section done. Which is going to take a while… Ugh. But it will get done, I promise!

There is a new “Orange Is The New Black” piece up in the gallery, as well as two new Originals pieces and a “Being Human” piece under Miscellaneous Art. I am also working on some new textures, so look for those to be added soon! :)

Janas mentioned on the tagboard that the site is loading slowly for her. I am aware that there is an issue (it’s loading slow for me, too), so I am working on finding a way to speed up the site. Be patient with me, please!

Enjoy the new stuff! Hopefully the site will start feeling like it’s “back to normal” soon! ;)

Slowly but Surely…

So in case you haven’t noticed, the site is slowly but surely coming back together. I have put most of the content back up (still working on a couple of areas), and I am still working on getting things like my affiliates and credits added back to the site. Thank y’all for being patient!!

There are a couple of new pieces up today; one is a new “Bates Motel” piece in Miscellaneous Art, and the other is a Maggie and Glenn piece in The Walking Dead Art. Enjoy!

Starting Over

So my site got infected somehow with a virus. Even though I am always so careful to scan things before downloading/uploading, somehow a LOT of my core files got infected and I was forced to delete the entire site and start over. My stupid ass THOUGHT I had a recent backup saved, but didn’t… So guess what? I have lost all my affiliates, posts, etc. All my content is saved to my computer, but not the site and since I don’t have a backup file, I will have to rebuild the entire site from scratch.

The good news is that my family sites were not affected, so Para Bellum and Selfish Ways are totally fine and still fully functional. Also, this gives me the perfect opportunity to get rid of some of the older, ugly art I don’t like anymore. LOL

Please be patient with me. I am in the middle of a move, so I will get all this done ASAP. In the meantime, go show some love to my family sites and keep up with me on the site’s Facebook page. PEACE!



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